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About myself


I am Deidre, wife to the best husband and father on earth, mother to 3 beautiful girls, and a passionate midwife. Even while I was still studying general, community and psychiatric nursing, I already knew that I loved midwifery the most! I am still not sure if it was thanks to a good lecturer or if it is even possible to be in a person’s genes, as my late mother was also a passionate midwife.

After completing my initial studies, I worked in government (maternity) for several years were I gained most of my experience, managing complicated births with very little resources. After that we moved to Johannesburg were I worked in Maternity units of several private hospitals and I gained a whole new perspective on the business of birth, and was also introduced to the medical model of childbirth. I realised that a great deal of new mothers in private practice made uninformed decisions and ended up with unnecessary caesareans driven by the convenience of the care provider. I saw unethical obstetric practice and realised I had to make a difference!


Then my passion for childbirth was reinforced when I started working in an active childbirth unit, where mothers also had a voice in their experience! This is when I witnessed the best aspects of the different birthing options coming together. I then realized that I have the best job in the world, sharing other people’s most precious moments with them! I was reminded again  that if you just allow natural birth to unfold without any unnecessary interventions a woman's body will do exactly what it was design to do.


I completed my post graduate degree  in Admin, Education, Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology in 2012. Doing my practicals in Steve B co academic hospital. Using that knowledge to educate parents and assisting them in the type of birth they wanted and assistance during postpartum period and breastfeeding. As I spent more time with pregnant and new parents, I realized that most parents have immense fears and a lack of knowledge in the beginning of their pregnancy resulting in regrets about wrong decisions. That’s when I decided I want to help new parents have the best possible start to their pregnancy. I believe in sharing my knowledge to allay fear, the more you know the more you will be able to control a situation and protect yourself from any possible harmful situations

Then not too long ago I went to a religious camp where I had a huge revelation, and I was baptised. I realised what a privilege it is that God gave me to witness the absolute miracle of live… to assist with the birth of a new soul on earth. To be at the very beginning of everything, I had a new purpose, being a midwife and a child of God, I realised that this is a Golden opportunity to give God all the glory and to bless every child born through my hands. Since then we have been anointing every baby whose parents agree to it.

My Practice and child birth classes started growing tremendously. I enjoy every moment of it. Every Mom is sent on my path for a reason! I now grow closer to God and learn more with every birth. Every patient is special to me. I give them all of myself because they also form part of who I am!

I want to inspire all new parents to be constantly inquisitive and to gain as much knowledge as they could to make informed choices. I love being a mother, my eldest was born in 2007, and the twins in 2011. Being a mother is not the easiest job in the world, but believing in yourself and being well informed definitely helps! Empowerment and informed decisions are key aspects to ensure a positive birth experience... and the best kick off to a lifetime of good mothering.



About my qualifications:


Tertiary education in nursing:   


  1. Degree B cur education et Admin,  Advanced midwifery and neonatology
  2. Diploma  of Comprehensive course in nursing (General, psychiatric, community and midwifery)
  3. Diploma in neonatal  resuscitation with SAPA (Updated every 2 years)
  4. Basic life support course (Updated every 2 years)
  5. Diplomas of Sanofi Pasteur vaccination course
  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Cold chain management
  • Immunology and vaccinology

    5. Diploma of Perinatal Education Program Course

    • Maternal care
    • Newborn care
    • Perinatal HIV/AIDS

     6. Diploma in forensic nursing